Corey Fleet

President of the world

Corey has been in the signage industry for 18 years (surprising given his youthful good looks!) having started on the workshop floor and worked his way up from there learning and mastering all manner of skills along the way. He is proficient in plastic welding and bending fabrication, steel and aluminum welding, various types of spray-painting and finishing, all types of illumination including Neon, Fluorescent and LED wiring and setup and there are no types of signs he hasn’t installed. He is a bit of a technology geek and has self-taught himself all manner of programs from print softwares to the adobe suite to CNC software and is currently adding solid works to the list. Since starting smudge in 2009 with Kylie he has helped grow it from an empty factory to a true one stop shop. Outside of work you’ll find him in his man cave at home where he loves to annoy the neighbours (and kylie) playing the drums, losing to 7 year olds playing shoot em up games and re-living his childhood building lego!

Kylie Morris

Captain of the ship

Despite co-owning Smudge with her partner Corey Fleet Kylies background does not immediately scream that she would one day be the director of a signage company. After completing a Bachelor of Business in Marketing and International Business she figured why have her first job in New Zealand when you can move to the other side of the world. For her definitely not the traditional London route like most Kiwis – no she choose a small town called Mlada Boleslav in the Czech Republic where she did an internship in the Global Marketing Department for Skoda Auto, a division of the Volkswagen Group. Here she gained a love for beer and dumplings (although not the waistline that went with them!) Returning home she worked as a brand manager in the Liquor and Technology industries thus she has a key understanding of the importance of brand specifications and can understand signage from a clients perspective. After realising she hadn’t quite got the overseas thing out of her system she went back to Europe via Thailand and New York for 6 months of travelling before returning and starting Smudge with Corey. She has swapped her love of beer to pinot noir and is a total sports nut who is happiest watching rugby and cricket although will watch pretty much any sport other than chess and synchronized swimming!

Dane Moss

Leader of Troop

Dane has been in the signage industry for 9 years after becoming addicted to making clients ideas become a reality. He loves being able to transform any space into something that’s captures everybody’s attention. He started out on the floor and has worked his way up to managing the team and ensuring every job is completed in a way that exceeds our own and clients expectations. Dane has had the opportunity to get involved with the safety side of business and has achieved qualifications to assist him with organising our safety procedures to a high standard. He is not much of a fan of long walks on the beach as he reckons why walk when you can drive. He has some pretty awesome party tricks which he is happy to show off anytime.

Lucie Blaze

The Picasso

Although Lucie studied at art schools for many years, she soon discovered there is no better school than the school of life. Since realizing she didn’t need a degree to become what she wanted to she took her own path. Her career as a graphic designer began 6 years ago in a big advertising agency in Prague. At first she thought that being a designer appeared to be mainly about eating donuts and drinking beer every day. She soon learnt that as well as these skills there was much more to the design world and gained valuable knowledge and experience in designing campaigns and brand identities for various clients. Thanks to being able to free-lance for clients around the world she developed the ability to manage projects the brief stage to the end realization. She is proficient with industry-standard design software Adobe Suite and also has a working knowledge of the pre-press process. She is now turning her attention to signage because she would like to learn the process in behind the work she designs and how it comes to life. When she has free time you’ll probably find her working or somewhere grooving to some reggae beats.