We are a true one stop shop and can produce all manner of signage in-house here at Smudge HQ. We also cover the entire process in-house not just the manufacturing – we can design if you need it and we also do our own installation.

There are so many types of signs to consider for your business – below is an outline of all the things we can do but we are definitely not limited to these items! Check out our case studies page for a visual outline or find us on the contact page to discuss your needs

DIGITAL PRINTING                                              Thumb-Capability-Digital-Printing.jpg

The new approach to signage. Wide format, banners, POS, artistic canvas and more.

3 DIMENSIONAL SIGNAGE           Thumb-Capability-3D.jpg    

Stand out - literally! Fabricated, router cut, vacuum formed and more.

BUILDING OFFICE SIGNAGE    Thumb-Capability-Building-Office-Signage.jpg

First impressions count. Make sure yours is a good one. Fascias, Under Verandah, Reception, Directional and more.


A crucial element for any sign. Logos, Re-branding, Prototypes, Sign visuals and more.

RETAIL SIGNAGE    Thumb-Capability-Retail.jpg

Maximise your foot traffic and sales potential. Shop front, window frosting, interior, displays, point of sale.

ILLUMINATED SIGNS    Thumb-Capability-Illuminate.jpg

Light up 24/7 for round the clock exposure. Lightboxes, Neon, LED (Light Emitting Diode) and more.

VEHICLE SIGNAGEThumb-Capability-Vehicle.jpg

Signage on the move. The perfect mobile billboard. Cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, boats. Full/half digital wraps, vinyl decals.

SANDWICH BOARDS    Thumb-Capability-Sandwich.jpg

The convenient and portable sign. All kinds of shapes, sizes, colours and designs.

GENERAL SIGNAGE    Thumb-Capability-General-Signage.jpg

Any type, any structure, anywhere. Roadside, plinths, monoliths, flags, banners, regulatory and more.

BILLBOARD SIGNAGE   Thumb-Capability-Billboard.jpg

The old saying “big is better”. For a sign that is hard to miss.